St. Joseph Island
Distance: 218 km, 118 miles

From Sault Ste. Marie Canada, this day loop around St. Joseph Island is great fun. Riding on the island is unique as there is very little traffic. There are several great scenic stops including Hilton Beach and Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site.

Islands are always home to very friendly people, little traffic and hidden gems that are worth finding. Experience the island life of St. Joseph Island as you cruise through the small towns of Richards Landing and Hilton Beach on Highway 548. At the southern tip of the Island you will find Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site. You have no idea the importance this little fort played in Canadian History until you have a guided tour. Take some time to relax on the grounds and watch great lakes freighters pass through the narrow channel. Another gem is the St. Joseph Island Museum. You will be amazed at their meticulously preserved artifacts that tell the story of Island life.

Stay, Eat, See on St. Joseph Island

Fuel Notes

Fill up as you leave Sault Ste. Marie.

Navigational Notes

Follow the old Highway 17 through Echo Bay to get to the Island. Follow Road 548 around the Island or just wing it (it's a small island).